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About Us

I started out in 1981 as a runner then phone clerk, desk manager, arbitrage clerk worked  my way up to a broker and now I trade and I teach how to day trade.

Then in 1983 I went on my own as a local. I traded on the floor of the Chicago exchanges as a scalper from 1983 to 1999.With the advent of electronic trading I realized that the playing field had changed and so, now I had to change my style of  trading.I took a second look at market profile trading and I became a student of it.


It paid off!


Peter J. Stedilmier and Jim Dalton are genius in my opinion!

They found a way to 'listen to the floor' and I am listening!

Now I trade from my home in Northern Michigan and I must say I do not miss the early morning commute into Chicago. The Profile allows you to stay in the trade longer capturing much more of the days range.


My Transition from the pit to the screen was not without challenges when I traded in the pit I was purely a scalper working each bid and offer for the "edge". When I moved to the screen I found there was no "edge" and I found myself in a level playing field and I  soon realized that the game had changed and so now I too had to change.

At first I tried indicators without much success so, then I gave market profile charts another look and that proved to be the ticket. The profile allows me to see who is in control and when they may be losing control thus allowing me to take advantage of  prime trade location.I know that there is no "Holy Grail" for trading but, market profile trading in my opinion is runner-up.

Market Profile ® is a registered traded mark of CBOT (Chicago Board of Trade)

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