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FAQ.  Frequently Asked Questions.

Q: Can you explain the trade you just took?
A: During the free trial trades will only be called out, no explanations will be given. As soon as the free trial is over and you decide to stay with us you will learn how to fish.
Q: How do I pay the fee?
A: You pay the initial and the two next fees through by pressing the PayPal button on the web page

Q: How much does it cost to remain a member after I have become grandfathered?
A: After you have become grandfathered you remain a member for as long as the room exists, and no fees are due.
Q: How do I get access to additional information?
You should join the Google Cubs group through Ensure that you enter a proper e-mail and request a daily summary
I will then approve you
Q: Can I get access to the Bears group
A: Only grandfathered members have access to this group.
Q: How do I get grandfathered?
A: You get grandfathered after three months, or as soon as you decide to pay the total fee.
Q: Can I get a written description of the setups?
A: Yes, after you have become grandfathered. Until then please take notes as we go along.
Q: JP, can you please explain the following MarketProfile term ... ?
A: You are of course more than welcome to ask questions, and I or someone in the room will explain. Please, however, read Dalton's Mind over Market as soon as possible. It gives an excellent description of how Market Profile works. Many of the older members have read the book over and over again, and every time you read it you will discover more and more how the different Market Profile concepts fit together.
Q: Do you only trade Market Profile?
A: The core of the trading methodology is Market Profile, but I have created my own setups based on years of experience. In addition I use MarketDelta ( for certain setups.
Q: JP, can I IM you?
A: Please only IM me if you have personel things you want to share with me, like doctors appointments etc. Any trading related questions should always be posted in the room for the benefit of everyone. In addition you might get your answer quicker, as some of the existing members most probably will answer.
Q: JP, can I send you an email?
A: See "Q:  JP, can I IM you?"
Q: JP, have you got a trade on?
A: All my entries, scales, and exits are documented in pink in the room. Just scroll up a few pages, and you will see.
Q: Which charting software is most commonly used in the room
A: A variety of products are used,  like Tradestation, ensign, CQG, but quite a few have switched to Linnsoft's IRT (www.linnsoft) or Market Delta (www.marketdelta). I use MarketDelta.
Q: What is the difference between IRT and MarketDelta?
A: IRT provides many charting types, including candle charts, Point and Figure, and Market Profile. MarketDelta's Footprint charting is based on IRT. If you want MP charting you can use IRT. If you, however, also want the FootPrint charts you will have to sign up with Market Delta. So IRT and MarketDelta are identical except for the additional FootPrint that comes with MarketDelta.
Q: Which datafeed do you use with IRT/MarketDelta. Can I use IB
A: Many people in here use DTN IQFeed. DTN transmits tick by tick data. IB compresses the data before sending to the subscribers. Therefore IB data is not very suitable for volume analysis, like Market Delta.
Q: Will you post the daily key numbers each day?
A: Yes, normally I will post value areas, pivot numbers etc, but it is highly recommended that you also start collecting  these numbers as soon as possible yourself, and just check against my numbers.
Q: Is it a good idea to trade during the trial or early in the class following the trial?
A: Probably not. I would behove you to listen carefully and take notes. Experience shows that if you trade in the beginning of the class you will significantly slow down your learning progress. Even after you start feeling confident after a  couple of weeks you still need time to ensure that you really have understood how we trade in the room. Therefore it would make sense to paper trade for a while.
Q: How do you scale out of trades?
A: One of my staff will document my scales in the chat room. They are listed in pink.
Q: What kind of hardware is used?
A: Different people use different things. We have people trading off a laptop, and others have a stack computers and screens. So it depends what your personal preferences are.
Q: Do you send out a daily recap?
A: I send out a nightly audio recap describing all trades I took during the day. 
Q: Are you calling out trades?
A: Yes, trades will be called out. Calling out trades is not really the purpose of the room, I only do it to aid the learning process. The purpose of the room is for you to learn to trade independantly. Please, however, only paper trade until you feel fully comfortable with the setups.

Q: Where can I get more information about the setups
A: The setups will be discussed when they occure realtime. Please therefore extensive notes. Grandfathered members have access to setup documentation.
Q: Why do you average losers?
A: I AM NOT AVERAGING LOSERS!!!! What you are refering to is the McGyver area,. Every setup has a given McG, which will be explained in class.
Q: Which charts are you using and what are the different symbols?
A: all the charts that we use are located on the linnsoft website and are password protected.

Q: How do you share information with the group?
A: There are two different Google groups, one for the grandfathered members (the bears group) and one for the newbies. Here daily and weekly numbers are published, and also the audio recap of the day After the approval you will get access to historical information, and you will receive the new posts delivered to your email. Once you become grandfathered you should apply for access to the bears group


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