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Jigsaw Trading offers a unique set of tools to help traders incorporate Order Flow information into their trading. These tools are in use today by prop traders, ex-pit traders, and retail traders.



What do these tools do? 

Bricks and Mortar Prop shops have been focused on trading Order Flow for many years and to this day, most still push their interns to learn to read the Order Flow before they let them introduce charts to their analysis. In effect, they have their traders learn how to scalp the order book, and with those skills they can not only make an income as a scalper but they have an edge over chart-only traders. They can enter chart-based trades only when the order flow confirms it AND they can aggressively cut trades when the order flow turns against them or fades away before price comes close to any pre-defined stop loss.


The Retail Trading community is gradually waking up to this fact and Order Flow Tools are becoming increasingly popular. Many of these tools offer to interpret Order Flow for you by presenting you with nice green light/red light buy and sell signals. Other tools offer you 'special algorithms' and a whole host of gimmicks that prop traders don't use and don't need. In short, there are a lot of new tools emerging that are aimed at inexperienced traders along with all the usual inflated claims that fool novices into handing over their money.


Reading Order Flow is an art, not a science. You can either read the order flow or not. Tools won't do the job for you. The good news is, it is not that complicated. The hardest part is to commit to is actually learning to read the Order Flow and not take the 'easy way out' approach, leaning on some tool that claims to do the work for you. You won't be an expert after an hour as it is a skill you have to develop, but if you have fairly good trade locations already, you will see the benefits within weeks, not years.


Jigsaw Trading has not tried to re-invent the wheel with Order Flow. Nor have they tried to dumb-down Order Flow into a graphical system. They don't make any claims that the software will somehow read the order flow for you either. Their tools simply lower the barriers for people looking to integrate Order Flow analysis into their trading.


The most significant barrier for someone looking to use Order Flow information in their trading is that even with the most popular professional trading platforms, you still need a really good short term memory for numbers to be able to make sense of the action. So, even though you may have the skills to interpret the information, you might be stuck with the fact you can't actually absorb it in the first place. Jigsaw has the most intuitive Order Book (aka DOM) on the market with a lot of built-in nuance that could only have come from being designed by someone trading off the Order Book day in and day out.


The second major barrier is cost. The DOMs on retail trading platforms don't present the Order Flow in a meaningful way for Day Traders, which is why professional traders pay $1000+/month for the leading professional trading platforms. The Jigsaw DOM is richer in readability features than any professional platform out there, yet the pricing of a lifetime license is less than half of a month's lease on the leading Professional platform.


Jigsaw offers a no questions asked 14-day money-back guarantee to anyone purchasing their products. Trading off Order Flow information is not for everyone and Jigsaw appreciates that, so they give people the chance to try the tools before being 100% committed financially.


If you'd like more information, visit the Jigsaw Trading website or email

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